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ation."Child poverty is about so much more than family income -- it's ab▓out access to quality education, healthcare, a home and safe water," Geert Cappelaere, the UNICEF regional director for th

e Middle East and▓ North Africa (MENA), said at a regional conference on child poverty held in Rabat, Morocco."When children are deprived of the basics, they are at risk of getting trapped in a vic▓ious cycle of poverty," the UNICEF offi▓cial said.Country level information on ch▓ild poverty has been aggregated for the f▓irst time in the MENA region. While important progress has ▓been made in most countries to reduce poverty, the number of children living in poverty continues to b▓e high. Countries affected by conflict are seeing a rapid regression of gains made in past deca▓des.The UNICEF study's key findings include:-- Lack of educat

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ion was found to be one of the key drivers of inequality and poverty for children. Children who live▓ in househ

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olds that are headed by an uneducated family member are twice as likely to live in pover

ty. One quarter of children aged 5 to 17 are not enrolled in school or have fallen two grades behind.-- Almost half of all children live in inade▓quate housing with poor flooring and overcrowding.-- Al▓most half of all children are not fully immunized or were born to mothers who did not

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